ME Association: Make ME Better! appeal

Our Make ME Better campaign aims to raise £50,000 to fund scientific research which we hope could lead to a breakthrough in diagnosis and treatment of ME/CFS.

Led by Dr Karl Morten, scientists from the University of Oxford and Newcastle University wish to spend 12 months analysing nearly 300 blood samples, looking at metabolomics – chemical clues that are left behind after changes in cells. Put simply, they’re on the hunt for a smoking gun.

The British research will pick up the gauntlet of the groundbreaking Naviaux study released by the University of California earlier this year, which suggested that ME/CFS could be the body going into a state of semi-hibernation.

Dr Morten will be working alongside Dr James McCullagh, Associate Professor in Mass Spectrometry at the University of Oxford, and Professor Julia Newton, Dean for Clinical Medicine at Newcastle University.

Many of the blood samples will come from the ME/CFS Biobank – the first significant time they have been used by external researchers – and will be compared to those from a control group.


You can support MAKE ME BETTER

For the first time ever, you can involve all your friends and family in fundraising for this appeal – a Santa dash, Christmas party, or community Christmas card……

Once you’ve decided what you want to do, simply click on the ‘Start fundraising’ tab of the campaign page to get started.

Please support our campaign to MAKE ME BETTER in whatever way you can.

Helen Hyland
Fundraising Manager
ME Association

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