ME Association blog post: ME Awareness Week Focus on Employment and Education – Free leaflets for you to download!

Topics covered:

  • Employment Issues and M.E.
  • University and M.E.
  • M.E. Children and Young People
  • Examinations and M.E.
  • Factsheet – What you need to know about M.E.

Please note: These are only available as free downloads. If you require them in printed form and sent to you in the post they will have to make a charge to cover the cost of postage.

ME Association’s Focus on Employment and Education

They want to raise awareness and understanding of:

  • the struggle to hold down a job,
  • the fear of losing a job and facing an uncertain future reliant on benefits,
  • the effect that giving up a career and the loss of employment can have,
  • the uncertainty of life on benefits,
  • the loss of education,
  • the difficulties encountered when trying to continue in education,
  • the successes and disappointments that studying can bring.

Read more: about the leaflets

Take their survey on education and ME and consider sharing your story

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