MEpedia – a vital resource for researchers, clinicians and people living with ME/CFS


Do you want to know something about the history, science and medicine of ME, CFS and related diseases?

MEpedia is the place to go! It is a Wikipedia-style encyclopedia written by many different volunteer contributors.

Launched by Jen Brea of MEAction on December 6, 2015, it has now been updated and expanded so that it is more up to date, efficient and accesible.

MEpedia is an important source of information on ME/CFS, and in order to provide researchers, clinicians, and people with infection-associated chronic illnesses with up-to-date resources, they are also expanding the Long COVID content.

Also available – learning the basics guides:

  • Primer for doctors and researchers
  • Primer for family, friends and care providers
  • Primer for journalists
  • Primer for patients
  • Primer for the public
  • Patients in hospitals
  • Best practices for hospitals
  • Guide for patients having surgery

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