WAMES needs a new website


The WAMES website has been showing its age for years so we are relieved to be in a position now in 2023 to be able to  upgrade it. This won’t happen overnight as it will take some time and energy to update the content and plan a new site. AND we need to raise the money to pay for it!


We invite you to join us in raising £1,500.

Our Volunteering Coordinator, Sharon Williams launched a couple of birthday fundraisers and so far has raised £200.

A great start – thanks Sharon!

What can you do?

Contact Sharon if you need some ideas sharon@wames.org.uk

Why £1,500?

We have contacted a number of Welsh web designers skilled in WordPress and have been gobsmacked to receive quotes varying from £400 to £10,000!

The lower the price, the fewer functions are offered and the more work the WAMES team would have to contribute. Unfortunately our skills are few, but we will still have to learn some new concepts and terminology to communicate effectively with the designer.

By the end of the process we will hopefully know what is meant by menu mapping, SEO optimisation, plug-ins, navigation, cross browser compatibility, hosting, SSL certificates etc. but if we want an effective website it will be essential that someone else is in charge of making it all happen!

£1,500 will cover the design, build and launch of the new website with initial hosting and support plan costs and rebranding.

Let the adventure begin!

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