Cornell University news post from the Center for Enervating NeuroImmune Disease: Plasma proteomics publication shows disrupted cell-to-cell signaling


We are proud to announce our latest plasma proteomics publication is available as open access in Proteomes.

In-depth analysis of the plasma proteome in ME/CFS exposes disrupted Ephrin-Eph and immune system signaling by Arnaud Germain, Susan M Levine and Maureen R Hanson in Proteomes 2021, 9(1), 6; []

This manuscript takes a look at 4,790 circulating plasma proteins from 20 ME/CFS women compared to 20 healthy women, over an unprecedented range, for ME/CFS, of 9 orders of magnitude.

Pathway analysis uncovered disrupted cell-to-cell communication, specifically in the ephrin-Eph signaling pathway. This pathway is crucial for many aspects of our body’s homeostasis, including development, physiology, and disease regulation.

Additionally, the paper outlines promising results for the development of a diagnostic test using protein ratios.

First author, Arnaud Germain, PhD, outlines these findings in a video abstract below (4 mins).

A transcript for the video: English        German



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