Conferences & webinars

Few conferences on ME and CFS aimed at health and social care professionals have been held in Wales but there a number in the rest of the UK and abroad.

Invest in ME

IiME runs an annual conference in London every May. Speakers are renowned researchers and clinicians from across the world. Participants can receive a discount if sponsored by an ME group. Contact Jan if you would like WAMES to sponsor you. Conference reports can be downloaded and DVDs of previous conference addresses can be ordered from Invest in ME.

Read the comments of a GP who attended the conference in 2010 [at end of article]: “at last I’ve been convinced that ME is real”

UK CFS/M.E. Research Collaborative

The next UK CMRC science conference will take place in March 2020. Videos of presentations from the 2018 conference are available.

Podcasts or Webinars

Sometimes it is possible to view a conference that is livestreamed, take part in a webinar or watch them after the event online: