Diagnosis – an introduction


Diagnostic tests are currently being trialled but none is yet available for clinical use. Diagnosis is however possible following a thorough clinical evaluation to identify a characteristic collection of symptoms and rule out other conditions.

How is ME diagnosed?

A 10 minute video where Dr Charles Shepherd (GP and person with ME) explains his approach to diagnosis. (2014)


Diagnosis & management of ME

2 page overview and a 12 min video overview of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Dr David Kaufman, a specialist in complex diseases in California, USA.


Diagnosis of paediatric ME/CFS with Dr Nigel Speight and Prof Peter Rowe

A 14 minute discussion about the diagnosis of paediatric ME by two world renowned ME/CFS paediatricians, Prof Peter Rowe and Dr Nigel Speight – click here for video





Physical signs

A number of practitioners are exploring the use of physical examination to identify signs of ME:

  • Perrin technique – Osteopath Raymond Perrin’s RCT found a 5 point physical exam could accurately diagnose ME.

For more information on diagnosis see:

Diagnostic Guidelines

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