Severe ME Day 2022


Every year we take time on August 8th to remember everyone who is suffering from, or who has ever suffered from Severe and Very Severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.


This year we join with people around the world to highlight ‘brain fog’, a problem all people with ME can experience, but which is particularly disabling for those who are severely affected.

Brain fog – a type of cognitive impairment – manifests as impaired working memory and concentration accompanied by difficulty processing complex information. [ME pedia]


“Whatever you call it, I just feel stupid. Why can’t I remember how to brush my teeth? Why can’t I explain to my carers how I feel? Why have I forgotten what you have said, 2 minutes after you speak? In the fog I just have to hold on to hope, as I wait for more lucid moments.”      (Mary)

Severe ME – key points

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