ME and my world – a WAMES photo project

ME is a complex and often misunderstood illness.

Throughout 2018 WAMES will be exploring a number of ways to raise awareness of our condition.

To begin with, through a series of portraits and snapshots, the ‘ME and my world’ project aims to show others just what living with the illness is like.

We want to show what your ME world is, what happens when things are really bad, the small things you do to keep yourself going and the interests you have that helped get you through. We want to show the way ME affects people’s lives and how it affects their world and those around them.

Show others what your ME world is like

Take part by observing and recording your life over the next few months.  If you would be willing to be photographed or just want to know more, then please email us at WAMES

Alternatively aim to send in your own photos that you feel illustrate your struggle with ME.

Tom Martin, photographer (and person with ME) will be overseeing this project.


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