WAMES volunteer Virtual Office Manager vacancy


This role offers the opportunity to support the work of WAMES and make a difference for people with ME in Wales.

We provide support and information to people with ME, carers and families – approximately 13,000 families in Wales. We also campaign to change attitudes and misunderstandings about the condition and improve services. We expect the need for our support and information to increase as some people with long COVID can develop ME.

The role of the Virtual Office Manager would be to:

set up and manage a virtual online office for a small team of trustees and volunteers

You would be based at home, but working with, and responsible to the management Team.

Main activities:

The office manager is responsible for the following tasks but can enlist help to complete them.

  • advise management team on the best admin platform and software
  • set up the virtual office and help volunteers to make use of it
  • maintain a central diary and notify the volunteers of key dates & actions
  • keep documents up to date on a cloud storage platform, ensuring all relevant volunteers have access
  • enable communications between remote workers and with the ME community

Useful qualities and skills:

  • some office management and administration skills
  • some experience of business digital technology & willingness to learn
  • ability to work virtually with a team of volunteers with varying levels of experience and health
  • an eye for detail and methodical way of thinking
  • the role would be ideal for someone who has a long-term plan of returning to work and needs experience, or who wishes a career in the 3rd sector.

More information:   sharon@wames.org.uk

Download Volunteer Info Pack

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