A critical review to investigate Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as Sleep Disorder
Aman Gupta, Ramesh C Deka and Shruti Gupta in EC Neurology 12:1 (2020): 01-10


Review abstract:

Introduction: Chronic fatigue syndrome is associated with marked fatigue and sleep disturbance specifically the non-restorative sleep. This has led to a though process among the Scientists to rule out possibility of association of CFS with Sleep Disorders. Researchers have tried to investigate the causal relationship between the two by virtue of multiple experiments, however consensus on the same still lacks.

Methods and Results: In current review, critical analysis of individual studies was conducted evaluating credibility of experiments leading to a final opinion pertaining to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome association with Sleep Pathology. Possible overlaps among different mechanisms were also identified to provide robust conclusion.

Conclusion: Current review suggests that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Sleep Disorders can be more of comorbid rather than having a causal relationship. Hence there is a mix type of evidence which tries to build relationship between the two but definite conclusion clearly demonstrating CFS as a sleep disorder cannot be reached.

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