Biomedical insights that inform the diagnosis of ME/CFS, by Brett A Lidbury, & Paul R Fisher, in Diagnostics 2020, 10(2), 92; [] (This article belongs to the Special Issue Biomedical Insights that Inform the Diagnosis of ME/CFS)


Editorial announcing the publication of a new book:

Prof Brett A Lidbury

It is well known that myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), whether considered as separate diseases or as the one chronic syndrome, continue to generate debate. Discussions on language, definitions and theoretical parameters continue, but whatever your position, one can now agree that ME and/or CFS (referred to hereafter as ME/CFS) is a disease with a physiological basis, rooted in biochemical and molecular dysfunction in the cells of sick individuals, and not attitudes that can be alleviated by psychological therapies. As a result, biomedical imperatives must now become the focus of research enquiry in order to find clinically translatable answers as soon as possible.

Prof Paul R Fisher


This book is intended as a landmark volume to mark this shift in thinking and to consolidate recent fundamental discoveries and biomedical insights as pathways towards tangible diagnostics, and eventual ME/CFS treatments.

Australian researchers, with their collaborators locally and abroad, have been at the forefront of discovery in the biomedical realm, and this book draws together fundamental and applied insights that have emerged from scientific and clinical enquiry.

The consolidation of up-to-date insights into ME/CFS was catalysed by a conference ( in March 2019 (Geelong, Australia), hosted by Emerge Australia, and several chapters in this volume are based on presentations from this meeting.

Section I—Reviews, Commentaries and Opinions

Section II—Research Results—Biomedical Insights and Diagnostics

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