ME/CFS probably isn’t one disease, or even a few different ones – but could be as many as fifteen. So said Professor Stephen Holgate, Chair of the UK Research Collaborative (CMRC), when he addressed the Forward ME Group in the House of Lords on 2nd July. He also argued that a radical New Science was needed to tackle ME/CFS and said patients must be partners in research.

…To have any hope of identifying many different diseases (or causative pathways) within the umbrella definition, a lot of patients are needed; and there are early plans for a study involving a 5,000-strong cohort of patients. The idea is to explore everything: phenotypes, genotypes, gene expression, cells, cytokines, metabolites and more. Some of these individual features have been researched before, but not all together: and never on such a scale. High quality scientists would then have to be involved to look at applying the new technologies to the data generated from patients. But there has to be a multi-disciplinary approach, and nurses, for example, would be just as important as mathematicians in this operation.

New computer technology would be used to probe the mass of data, with the aim of finding distinct groups of patients who ‘cluster’ together with similar features, which should make it easier to home in on different causal molecular pathways in different types of patients. It is identifying causal pathways that will lead to a much deeper understanding of ME/CFS and, hopefully, provide targets for drug therapy too.

Stephen Holgate’s vision for ME/CFS research requires a radical change. The majority of research funded in the UK to date assumes that whatever triggers ME/CFS, it is perpetuated by patients’ flawed beliefs and behaviours. The new approach focuses instead on differences between patients, to see what this might reveal about different underlying causal mechanisms.

[Excerpts from Simon McGrath’s article in Phoenix rising]

Minutes of the Forward ME group July 2013

Report of Prof Holgate’s talk in Phoenix Rising 

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