‘A Girl Behind Dark Glasses’ book by Jessica Taylor-Bearman

Book Description:

From a darkened world, bound by four walls, a young woman called Jessica tells the tale of her battle against the M.E Monster. The severest form of a neuro immune disease called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis went to war with her at just 15 years old. From beneath her dark glasses, Jessica glimpses a world far different from the one she remembers as a teenage school girl. This true story follows her path as she ends up living in hospital for years with tubes keeping her alive.

This harrowing story follows the highs and lows of the disease and being hospitalised, captured through her voice activated technology diary called `Bug’ that enables her to fulfil her dream of one day becoming an author.

It provides a raw, real-time honesty to the story that would be impossible to capture in hindsight.

Jo Moss’s review on her blog ‘The Mighty’: My Review of ‘A Girl Behind Dark Glasses’ as a Fellow ME Patient

I have just finished reading “A Girl Behind Dark Glasses: and I was so impressed I decided to write a review. “A Girl Behind Dark Glasses” is written by Jessica Taylor-Bearman and it’s an account of her life and struggles with a severe form of myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME).

“I was an inventor, a researcher, a model, and I travelled the world through my imagination. At that time, it was my only saving grace. I existed in a place I called Limbo Land, hovering between the conscious and the unconscious. I could hear my family talking to me, see images of them, yet I couldn’t reply or make sense of what they talked about.” – Jessica Taylor-Bearman

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Jessica’s website: Jaytay

Jessica’s book is available from Amazon   £4.99 for Kindle, £9.99 paper


Female First article, by Jessica Taylor-Bearman, 3 July 2018: 10 Things About Living With M.E. That You Want People To Know

Jessica Taylor-Bearman writes a piece for us upon the release of her new book A Girl Behind Dark Glasses.

I have been suffering with a chronic neuro immune disease for over twelve years called M.E. It stands for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and remains very misunderstood in all aspects. You may have heard of it called by a multitude of different names including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and sadly still, Yuppie Flu.

To find out more about the key things Jessica wants people to know read the full article

  1. There are so many things we do not know about M.E. but most importantly one thing we do know is that contrary to popular belief, M.E. is not ‘all in the mind’.
  2. It is not a rare condition.
  3. I live in constant pain
  4. It’s really hard being this sick for so many years without receiving any medication that will fix the problem.
  5. I lost all my independence when I was 15 years old.
  6. I spend most of my time living in a world of one room
  7. M.E. puts a huge strain on any family setup because everyone’s life has to revolve around the disease.
  8. I divide my day up into family time, rest time, and helping run my charity (Share a Star) from my bed.
  9. When you are chronically unwell, you really start to have to appreciate the little things in life.
  10. I’m bedridden activist
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