Huffington post Australia article, by Emma Brancatisano, 2 Feb 2017: How Gut Bacteria Is Helping To Unpack Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Can improving a person’s gut health help?


Dr Chris is part of a team of researchers at Melbourne University who have been studying the metabolites (aka products of metabolism) and gut microbiota in the faeces, blood and urine of those with ME/CFS.

Their research,¬†replicated in later studies, has shown a microbial difference in those with the disorder. Essentially, the gut bacterial microbiome in chronic fatigue syndrome patients isn’t normal…

According to Armstrong, changes to the gut bacteria are common in a lot of disorders.

“This is a common trend — we are trying to hone in on how this relationship exists for people with CFS and we want to know whether we can improve their symptoms by improving their gut health.”

Now, Armstrong and his team are working on longitudinal studies that will make alterations to patient’s diets to study the potential benefits.

“We might look at giving them more amino acids or more lipids in a metabolised form and seeing whether this aids them,” Armstrong said.

“If we can induce improvement and notable changes in their bacteria and metabolism then we may develop markers and more importantly a system for monitoring and treating individual patients.”

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