make a difference for ME in Wales


WAMES is a charity. But WAMES is also a small group of people who volunteer because we want to make a difference for the 13,000 people with ME in Wales. We’re proud of what we have achieved, but know that we could achieve far more with additional volunteers.


Together we can make a difference for ME in Wales

Whatever your circumstances we can help you find some way to get involved.

tea-handsJoin a team

WAMES Teams provide ways for a wide range of people to get involved.  Find out about the Teams:     

Volunteering       Trustees             Fundraising     

Communications         Campaigns & awareness


Volunteer opportunities

There are vacancies for Team coordinators to work with the Management Team to oversee our activities. The coordinators will build up an overview of what needs to be done, how we can achieve it, and will help individuals to play a part.

Download info about:

Volunteering coordinator       Fundraising coordinator 

Communications coordinator 

If you are unable to apply for a Team coordinator role please help by passing on the info to others.


Benefits of volunteering

Volunteers enable WAMES to work for a brighter future for people with ME in Wales.

But… volunteering is not just about giving. Volunteers don’t get paid, but we gain a lot in other ways, depending on the role we choose: increase in confidence, developing or learning new skills, being part of a community, job satisfaction, career skills… Read our volunteer stories


Register your willingness to do something for ME in Wales

I want to make a difference for ME in Wales

Once you let us know what you are interested in, or experienced in, we can discuss how you can get involved.


Or become a small steps supporter  

Choose a way you can support WAMES in small ways to enable us to make a big difference. Become a small steps supporter

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