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WAMES is developing a Team-based approach to working so that many volunteers can contribute in a way that suits them. Team coordinators set priorities and ensure all the necessary work gets done while tailoring tasks to a volunteer’s skills, energy levels and available time.



A trustee is part of the managing committee which sets the goals and priorities of the organisation and ensures good governance and financial practice. Part of this involves ensuring there are officers and policies to meet the Charity Commission’s requirements.

This need not be time consuming but is a significant responsibility. Involvement in decision making takes place through email, teleconferencing and at the AGM in the Cardiff area.


Fundraising team

The fundraising team will be responsible for applying for funding & encouraging fundraising activities to cover running costs and carry out special projects e.g.

  • encourage friends, family and co-workers to raise funds for WAMES by shopping online through Easyfundraising and Amazon Smile. Find out more

  • organise a fundraising event or activity

  • explore fundraising opportunities & involve others e.g. creating crafts, selling products

  • find funders from your local community – businesses, fundraising groups etc.


Campaigns & awareness team

The campaigns and awareness team will responsible for finding and responding to opportunities to improve services used by people with ME & CFS: health; social care; education; welfare. e.g.

  • represent ME and WAMES at local organisations, events and alliances

  • take part in surveys and consultations

  • prepare documents to support campaigns

It will also find, create and respond to opportunities to raise awareness of the yout ME & CFS e.g.

  • provide stories and interviewees willing to tell their story for the media

  • distribute posters & leaflets

  • find online publicity opportunities

  • devise exhibitions

  • man stalls/ exhibits at events, hospitals etc.

  • plan publicity campaign for ME Awareness Week in May or Severe ME day in August


Youth team

The youth team will be responsible for providing support and information to and about young people with ME e.g.

  • devise or find effective posters, information sheets, magazine articles and online content

  • help raise awareness amongst children and young people

  • look for ways to involve and support young people


Communications team

The communications team will be responsible for making information available through the magazine, website, news blog, twitter, FB, info sheets, posters and online e.g.

  • write or edit copy for the magazine

  • help with layout of magazine

  • help design and develop information sheets for patients & carers

  • help design and develop information sheets for health professionals, teachers, social workers, politicians

  • create DVD and powerpoint presentations about ME and WAMES

  • design posters

  • print, collate and distribute magazine or posters

  • help  develop and maintain our bilingual online presence via our website, Facebook and twitter

  • develop our activities through the medium of Welsh.


Support team

The support team will be responsible for encouraging ways for people with ME & CFS and carers to support each other e.g.

  • train to be a Helpline contact

  • set up or support local support groups


Administration team

The administration team will be responsible for assisting the secretary with running the charity. e.g.

  • maintain records & memberships,

  • take minutes

  • keep policies and procedures up to date

  • compile and distributing documents

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