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Volunteering gives me the opportunity to turn something very negative (illness) into something very positive (helping others).                                                                               



During 30 years of being unable to go out and look for employment due to ME (which ranged from very severe to moderate) it has been a psychological life saver to be able to do something useful with my life through volunteering.

In theory, volunteering with any organisation would have had the same effect, but the advantage of volunteering with WAMES is that everybody understands the fluctuating nature of ME, the need to pace activities and work from bed when my balance problems strike.

One of the many things I hate about ME is that it makes me unreliable. Missing events and deadlines is all part and parcel of life.  Of course WAMES has deadlines and commitments to meet, like any campaigning and support group, and there is often frustration when yet another opportunity has been missed, due to this dratted condition.

But c’est la vie. We just pick ourselves up and carry on. Better to do something when I can, than wait for that elusive cure!                                                             JJ


I didn’t want to retire. I loved my job. Volunteering with WAMES has given me an opportunity to carry on using some of my skills, without all the politics of the workplace. An added advantage is that I get the chance to do something to support my wife and try to improve things for others like her, people with ME. The work environment is different to my past employment, but the job satisfaction is the same!                       Tony


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