First published Tuesday 16 June 2015  in Tivyside advertiser by Enfys Bosworth:

Gwyn Hopkins is about to pass the one thousand mile mark on her walk to raise money and awareness for ME research.

She set off from Cardigan Castle on her 64th birthday to walk for around 12 days, covering 150 miles which would bring her total walking distance for this charity to well over one thousand miles.

She has had ME but made a complete recovery by the end of 2003 which she attributes to complementary therapies, detoxifying her lifestyle and family support.

“When I was very ill I was confined to a wheelchair, the highlight of my day would be making a cup of tea and after doing that I may not have been strong to do it again for a few weeks,” Gwyn explained

“I was told I would only make 60-70% recovery but look at me now fully able.”

Her walk will take her towards Lampeter, she will then travel up to Lake Bala and across to Llangollen.

As well as walking over 150 miles she will be carrying a 14kg bag which is over a quarter of her own body weight with all the equipment she needs.

She added: “Some days I’ll do well over 20 miles a day, others maybe 10 – all depends on the terrain and who I meet along the way.”

Gwyn explained that she used to work on a help line for ME and still likes talking to people who approach because often ME is not understand by people unless they have actually had it.

She hopes to raise £1,000 for the charity ME Research UK which funds biomedical research into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (also known as ME/CFS) and related illnesses.

To find out more or to donate visit Just Giving or text GHME88 then the amount (£1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or £10) to 70070.

For more information about Gwyn’s recovery from ME visit her website .

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