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Mixed age group

Find out what it is like to have ME:


Gemma: it just wasn’t safe for me to continue doing my job (video)

Kathryn: I thought I was dying

Martin: I never get a day off

Maya: What Bronllys taught me about pacing (blog article)

Michelle: I managed to get four GCSEs from e-learning… but I relapsed and now I can’t concentrate for long enough to do more (news article)

Natasha: One day you can feel OK and the temptation is to do a lot, but that hits you hard afterwards (newspaper article)

Pippa: overwhelmingly debilitating, unpredictable, and totally devastating relapses (blog article)

Sarah: I can sometimes sleep for up to 18 hours and can still feel tired and be in pain afterwards (newspaper article)

Natalie: “I’m proud to be Welsh and live in Wales – we look after each other here. So it’s so weird that the only advice we got with the diagnosis of ME was to “Google it”.  Help has to come from somewhere.” see also Wales online

Emma-Jayne Lloyd: “Imagine rising in the morning with a hangover, flu and the worst  jet-lag you’ve ever had, all mixed up together. Then imagine that you get up every day and feel like that. That’s what ME is.”

Millie Earp: “ME makes me grieve for my past life”

Anne Kavanagh: “I struggled to get out of bed for several years”

Marian Gray: “People thought I’d moved away or joined a nunnery”, I went missing from life”

Mia Boardman: At the age of 14 I developed a chronic pain that lasted almost 3 months to the day before it stopped. After the pain had disappeared, I was left with chronic fatigue that prevented me from being able to attend school.

Gwyneth Hopkins: I felt trapped in my useless body but I also felt guilty that I was so helpless and my husband had to wait on me as well as hold a full-time job.

Sarah: Every day requires time spent lying down, experiencing pain in my muscles and joints and sensitivity to noise, smells and light.

Kay: I have had several relapses, also called crashes, some more serious than others. That’s when my symptoms get worse – dizziness, nausea, headache, flu like symptoms (fever, shivers, sore throat), brain fog, fatigue – and I find it harder and harder to function, often ending up in bed.

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