The Neurological conditions delivery plan sets out the Welsh Government’s expectations of the NHS in Wales to plan, secure and deliver high quality person-centred care for anyone affected by a neurological condition. It focuses on meeting population need, tackling variation in access to services and reducing inequalities in health outcomes across 6 themes:

  • Raising awareness of neurological conditions
  • Timely diagnosis of neurological conditions
  • Fast and effective care
  • Living with a neurological condition
  • Improving Information
  • Targeting research

For each theme it sets out:

  • Delivery expectations for the management of neurological conditions
  • Specific priorities for 2013-2016
  • Responsibility to develop and deliver actions to achieve the specific priorities
  • Population outcome indicators and NHS assurance measures

These complement the quality requirements endorsed in the Report of the Task and Finish Group on Care Pathways for Long Term Neurological Conditions, which must be delivered alongside this Delivery Plan.

Services for people who are at risk of or who have had a stroke are covered separately in the Stroke Delivery Plan.

The Task and Finish Group on Care Pathways for Long Term Neurological Conditions published their report and recommendations in 2009 endorsing a set of generic principles for service development which aim to support people with long-term neurological conditions in managing their condition, maintaining independence and achieving the best possible quality of life through an integrated process of education, information sharing, assessment, care planning and service delivery. Subsequently, a number of carepathways for neurological conditions including epilepsy, motor neurone disease, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease and acquired brain injury have been published.

Respond to the consultation online, by post or email by 31 January 2014

Major Health Conditions Policy, Health Quality Division, Welsh Government, Cathays Park, Cardiff  CF10 3NQ


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