ME/CFS Pacing App from Emerge Australia


Emerge Australia would like to introduce to you the ME/CFS Pacing App created by our generous contributor, Mathew Blake.

The app is designed to help people with mild to moderate ME/CFS better manage their daily energy use and adjust their pacing habits as needed. The app is not designed to manage all symptoms that ME/CFS can cause but to help users to reduce how often they experience post-exertional malaise (PEM).

How does the App work? 

The ME/CFS Pacing App allows you to log your daily activities and use its personalised “energy currency” system to better manage your daily energy.

You decide how much each activity is worth within this currency to you. For example, reading a book takes a different amount of energy for each person and you chose how many points from your “energy currency” to give each activity. This allows the user to see visually where in the day they used too much energy and what days were well balanced.

The ME/CFS Pacing app is available via the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for free.

Find out more and tell Emerge Australia if you find the app helpful

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