Online Pacing Tutorial

US based ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia Self-help program hold quarterly online tutorials to teach the basics of pacing.

  • Open to to all English language speakers
  • 7 week course
  • Offered quarterly and conducted via email list server, the class is a structured discussion group
  • It is led by trained volunteer moderators, all of whom have ME/CFS and/or FM
  • Register now for classes that begin on Wed 21 Jan 2019. Registration closes on Jan 14.
  • Cost: $20.00 for course alone or $30 / $34 for course and book

The Three Parts of Pacing:

  1. Define Your Current Limits (Energy Envelope)
    The foundation for pacing is understanding your current limits. This includes limits on physical activity, and also mental activity, socializing, sense data, and stress.
  2. Adapt Using Pacing Strategies
    The second part of pacing is adjusting your life so you live within your limits. This is a gradual process, usually involving the use of multiple strategies.
  3. Expand Your Limits
    If you pace consistently, you may be able to expand your limits, doing more without increasing your symptoms.

The effects of pacing can be transformative, but progress is gradual. Learning to pace requires discipline, patience, and time, but you can see benefits immediately from even a small change such as those you’ll find in the tutorial.

NB   People with ME in Wales have found this course helpful, but please check that it is right for you. Ensure you have enough time and energy to make the most of it.

The ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia Self-Help Program is a non-profit organization offering a suite of low-cost and free online self-help courses, plus other resources for people affected by ME/CFS and fibromyalgia.

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