The ME/CFS Biomedical Partnership Genome-wide association study

The ME/CFS Biomedical Partnership is working on a funding application to be made in early 2020 to the MRC/NIHR for a genome-wide association study.


How can we help?

They need to demonstrate to the funders that they can recruit 20,000 people to participate so they are asking people to sign up to a mailing list to keep updated on the application progress. Additionally, UK residents can log their potential interest in being involved in the research itself and they need as many people as possible to do this.

Sign up here:

What is a genome-wide association study?

A genome-wide association study (GWAS) is a very large genetic study that seeks to uncover some of the biological roots of ME/CFS. By probing small DNA differences among people, a GWAS can help to pinpoint the genetic causes of disease and then can help to guide drug development.

This design has previously provided helpful in identifying genes together with molecular and cellular pathways to contribute to disease risk. Read more about the science of GWAS.

The ME/CFS Biomedical Partnership website:

More information:

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