Save4Children – helping children with ME in psychiatric wards


The charity Save4Children has been created by the editors of the ME Global Chronicle and helps parents whose children have been forced into psychiatric wards by authorities, to try and set them free by legal procedures.

In recent years, the Save4Children fund has directed its attention and help at the Danish ME patient Karina Hansen.

Karina had been forcibly accepted into the Neurocenter in Hammel, Jutland. On Monday November 17th, 2017, she returned back home, never to return to the clinic at which she had been staying – a clinic for patients with brain conditions.

The primary obstacle on the road to fully getting her personal freedom back was her state-appointed guardian, who had been sort-of cooperating during the duration of her forced stay at the Hammel Neurocenter.

On October 10th 2018, a judge deemed Karina to have legal capacity to make decisions about her own life, and revoked guardianship over her, with her guardian’s permission.

The Save4Children fund has been able to contribute a small amount towards undoing the  high costs this event has brought with it.

Report new cases:

Now is the time to spend this fund’s donations on one or multiple new cases. They’re still at a stage of deliberation, but if you’re familiar with any cases where young ME patients are being forced to stay at psychiatric institutions or are about to, make sure to tell them via email  .

The fund is intended for parents who can’t afford to dispute such a process, who can prove their lack of sufficient funds.

New way of donating:

GBP bank details:

Account Holder: Save4Children
Account number: 70983145
UK Sort Code: 23-14-70


56 Shoreditch High Street
E1 6JJ
United Kingdom

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