Solve ME/CFS Initiative blog post: 2017 ME/CFS Research Highlights – Study Developments on our Radar, 21 December 2017

In this December Research 1st e-newsletter, we highlight important advances in the ME/CFS field from 2017. These advances build on promising research and reflect the dynamic momentum occurring on all fronts. Many of these studies are interdisciplinary and have relevance in more than one category. They are not listed in any specific order.

1. Major Collaborative Efforts

2. Improved study design creating more definitive conclusions

3. Immunity/inflammation

4. Neuroendocrine Biology

5. Energy System Defects

6. Gut microbiome

7. Epigenetics

8. Clinical Research

The research and discovery process is multifaceted and costly. The Solve ME/CFS Initiative is committed to accelerating progress and, despite our modest budget, we have made great strides to fund innovative science and discovery projects in biologics, capacity building, and ME/CFS infrastructure development. We are currently operating five SMCI-Directed research projects with prestigious partners at seven universities and biotech companies and funding ten Ramsay Award Program research teams from twelve universities in seven countries, across four continents.

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