Article abstract:

ME/CFS, a complex multisystem disease of diverse etiology, which results in significant functional and costly impairment, is estimated to affect approximately 40,000 Swedish residents.

This synopsis describes developments by governmental agencies (i.e. the CDC); emerging clinical centers in Stockholm and Gothenburg, and the sophisticated Swedish research addressing basic and translational medicine, and physician education.

A model is presented for Centers of Excellence, additional issues addressed: name change controversy, subsetting of patients, Big Data and Precision medicine, the microbiome, and current treatment challenges.

Research obstacles and solutions are outlined including the profound lack of funding and attention afforded by government agencies, academic institutions, and pharmaceutical industry. Development of C.O.E.’s and optimism; based on new science and technology with worldwide collaboration, suggest hope for the future.

The art and science of ME/CFS: a 2016 synopsis, by Dr Daniel L. Peterson in Socialmedicinsk tidskrift Vol 96 no. 4 2016

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Dr Daniel Peterson is a scientific advisor for Simmaron Research


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