Welsh Government: Services supporting people to recover from COVID-19 (none for ME/CFS)


On 15th June 2021 the Health Minister, Eluned Morgan MS, announced in the Senedd that £5 million would be given to the NHS

“to develop primary and community services to support these and other individuals who have additional needs as a result of the impacts of the pandemic.

The funding will support a new patient pathway programme called Adferiad, or Recovery, and it will expand the provision in terms of diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and care for those suffering from the long-term effects of COVID-19, including long COVID in Wales.”

WAMES is pleased that at last the severity of post-viral illness is finally being recognised and has begun to be funded. Post-viral illness is not new however. Many people with ME recognise a viral trigger to their illness and WAMES has been working with the Welsh Government since the inception of Welsh-run services to raise awareness in the NHS of the estimated 13,000 families affected by ME in Wales.

Post-viral illness is not new

In 2014 the Welsh Government gave recommendations to Health Boards in the form of a Task & Finish Group Report on how to improve services for ME/CFS but at no time was any money given to support this and no sanctions were issued when Health Boards failed to respond.

WAMES has written to the new Health Minister to ask her what she is going to do for other post-viral illnesses, especially ME.

Write to your MS

MSs will challenge Ministers on matters affecting their constituents, so let your MS know how you feel about:

  • being overlooked yet again
  • the impact of ME on your life and that of your family
  • the response / or lack of healthcare response from NHS Wales to your illness

Find your MS here: https://senedd.wales/find-a-member-of-the-senedd/

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