Call to action: Make your own World ME day poster


Demonstrate the reality of living with ME for World ME Day 2023 on May 12th 2023.

Let’s make post-exertional malaise visible

Share the reality of how pushing harder can make you sicker. WAMES and fellow World ME Alliance members are calling on all people with ME and carers to demonstrate the reality of living with ME for World ME Day 2023.

When it comes to ME, it’s crucial to understand that pushing harder can make you sicker. This is a fundamental aspect of the condition that is often misunderstood by those who are not familiar with it.

Post-exertional malaise, which is a hallmark symptom of ME, means that even simple activities like taking a shower or having a conversation can cause a flare-up of symptoms that can last for days or even weeks.

Make your poster

The custom poster maker launched by the World ME Alliance is an important tool for raising awareness about the reality of post-exertional malaise and the need for understanding and support for those with ME. 

By creating and sharing posters that reflect the experience of living with ME, we can help to educate the public about the impact of this disease on people’s lives.

Using the poster maker is easy

  • choose from a range of pre-designed templates
  • add your photo
  • write about your experience of post-exertional malaise.

Then download the poster and share it on social media with the hashtags #WorldMEDay and #LearnFromME.

To make the most impact, share a poster on May 12th itself, as well as in the run up to the day.


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