Seminar on children and young people with ME/CFS – 2014

On November 12, 2014 the National Association for ME in Sweden organized a seminar on children and young people with ME/CFS.

The seminar was conducted in cooperation with RME Stockholm and RME Scania and held at County Hall in Stockholm. They filmed lectures, accessed through the links below.

Introduction -Henrik Fransson, chairman RME Stockholm, Stig Nyman, councillor

Orthostatic intolerance and ME/CFS in children – Peter C. Rowe, Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, United States

ME/CFS in children – Diagnosis and Treatment – Nigel Speight, The University Hospital of North Durham, UK. Dr. Speight also discussed the “assault”  health professionals and other agencies expose children to because of misdiagnosis in cases of ME/CFS.

The immunological / viral / endocrine interactions in ME/CFS –  Dr. Amolak S. Bansal, Department of Immunology, St Helier Hospital, UK.

Living with ME/CFS as a child – Nathalie Gillberg 14 years and suffering, and Camilla Gillberg, parent says.

Panel Discussion

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