Self-isolating with ME

Tell your story for ME Awareness week


We’re hearing a lot about the joys and trials of being restricted to home when healthy or ‘at risk’. Many people with ME are however practised at ‘staying home’ (or being housebound) while feeling very ill.

ME Awareness week, 10-17 May 2020


Help WAMES tell what self-isolation means for people with ME.

How does your ME self-isolation experience compare with the Covid-19 experience?

  • View from my window – 2 years 2 months

    the struggle to understand what was wrong with you
    grieving for your lost life

  • learning to cope with new & frightening symptoms
    depending on others in new & unwelcome ways
  • the uncertainty about recovery
  • a changed relationship with your family and friends
  • your contact, or lack of it, with the outside world
  • how did you adapt & find a quality of life – hobbies, education, work

Isolated with ME – 2014-17

How has the C-19 lockdown affected you?

  • has it made life more difficult?
  • has it opened up new experiences?
  • brought back bad memories of being housebound in the past?
  • is this your first experience of being housebound?
  • is life less stressful, more lonely?
  • have people understood your experience better?

Tell us

  • in prose, rhyme, photos, or through the arts
  • one paragraph or photo, or a longer story
  • send as many contributions as you like
  • in English or Welsh
  • use your name or pseudonym
  • give us your permission to use your contributions to raise awareness
  • send to  or
    Or via the online form

There may never be a better time to communicate our experience.
So many people now know something of the frustrations of losing control of their future.
Or have watched others suffer.

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