An Existence Project: paper stop-motion animation about ME/CFS, 2 April 2021


An Existence Project is a short stop-motion animation about what it is like to live with mild or moderate Myalgic encephalomyelitis or chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS).

It was created by Inga Topolnicki using handmade watercolour paper props. She decided to make this film so there would be something accessible people could show their friends and family which would help them communicate the complex aspects of living with this chronic illness.

Illness forces you to rest in place so much that you begin to notice the little details of objects around you. The intricate aesthetic of this animation emerged from this increased awareness and an appreciation of the things around Inga’s home that became her whole world.

Chronic illness isolates us physically from others but also from society by a lack of understanding. Inga wants this film to help connect people again.

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