Phoenix rising forum post, 6 Feb 2017: Norwegian prime minister concerned about young ME-patients.

Norwegian media have reported several places today the prime minister’s concern for young ME patients.

Last year she asked Ministry of Health and Care Services to find out how many young people have ME. Today the report was given to her, and showed that about 270 pupils were absent from school last year for more than three months due to ME. The prime minister is worried the number might be even higher.

She says to the newspaper Aftenposten:

These are conditions that may not have received enough priority because they do not fit into obvious categories. It’s not like when a child has cancer. Then the hospitals and communities know what they should line up with, says Erna Solberg.

From the article:

  • 27 percent of the municipalities / districts and 44 percent of counties have indicated that the figures are incomplete, but according to the Government, this is the best numbers you can expect to get now.
  • Overall 1877 pupils were absent for more than three months in the previous school year. 735 had another known diagnosis than ME, and 873 had unknown diagnosis. 14 percent of the long absence is explained by ME.

Google translation of article

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