Amy Brown is the pseudonym of an English child whose story is recounted by Dr Byron Hyde, a Canadian doctor who has been actively researching and treating people with ME for decades.

Dr Hyde describes the years 9 year old ‘Amy’ spent visiting many doctors without obtaining an accurate diagnosis, and the diagnosis he reached after her parents requested his help. He believes the story demonstrates:

‘convincing evidence that M.E. , distinct from CFS, is an enteroviral illness. This paper also demonstrates the stages of M.E.  illness… Amy’s story also points out what is generally not discussed, the severe and alarming explosive headaches which can occur at the M.E. disease onset, heralding an acute M.E. encephalopathy.’

Dr Hyde believes in the importance of adequate testing to make an accurate diagnosis. He uses the SEGAMI brain software (a uniform reading and processing environment for all SPECT and PET cameras) to demonstrate the significant hypo-perfusion brain injury of the left temporal region and the cingulate gyrus of the limbic system seen in all his ME patients.

An introduction to the work of Dr Hyde, followed by Amy’s tale can be read on the Health Rising website: The Doctors and Mr. Hyde: Amy Brown’s M.E Enterovirus Story

Dr Hyde founded the The Nightingale Research Foundation,  a Canadian registered charitable organization dedicated to the study and treatment of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and related illnesses.

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