PACE trial ruling: Respondent Alem Mathees main response

The essential daily briefing, 19 August 2016: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers have just had a small victory

Health Rising discussion, 17 August 2016: The PACE Trial’s Big Stumble: UK Tribunal Orders Release of PACE Data

Centre for Welfare Reform blog post, 19 august 2016: Major breakthrough on PACE trial

Retraction watch blog post, 17 August 2016: UK tribunal orders release of data from controversial chronic fatigue syndrome study

Applied clinical trials blog post, by Philip Ward, 19 August 2016: Tribunal Orders Release of Withheld Data from London Trial

Quick thoughts blog post, by James Coyne, 17 August 2016: QMUL responds to UK Tribunal ordering release of PACE chronic fatigue syndrome trial data

Quick thoughts blog post, by James Coyne, 18 August 2016: Release the PACE trial data: My submission to the UK Tribunal

The Feed blog post, by Naomi Chainey, 29  August: Do you suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? There’s some good news for you

PACE Trial : Le tribunal ordonne la divulgation des données

PACE and the interests of trial participants, by Calrk Ellis, 29 August 2016



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