BBC Look East video clip, 26 January 2017: Research in Norwich could offer ME/CFS breakthrough 

Researchers in Norwich are teaming up with researchers from Norway to collaborate on ME/CFS research. The researchers say they believe that ME is reversible, and that treatment could be available in the future.

The interview features 2 people with ME, one who is severely affected, and 2 researchers – Dr Øystein Fluge & Professor Simon Carding.


BBC news clip: interview with Prof. Simon Carding on ME/CFS

Already the Invest in ME Research (IiMER) funded researchers have been collaborating with Dr Fluge and Professor Mella and the team in Bergen – with Dr Jo Cambridge and Fane Mensah both having visited Norway as part of their continued collaboration to study the potential role of B cells in ME and they continue this collaboration.

IiMER also funded their advisor, Professor Jo Edwards as the first to visit Bergen back in the autumn of 2013. This close collaboration benefits all researchers involved and the prospects for the future for people with ME.

On 26th January 2017 a full day workshop with Norwegian scientists was held in Norwich to plan the UK rituximab trial.

Invest in ME Research Rituximab trial



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