ME & PEM: English language video from Norway


This 3 minute film will give you an introduction to PEM (Post Exertional Malaise). Once you’ve understood what PEM is about, you’ll know a lot more about the debilitating chronic disease ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis).                     Published 2 April 2020

The film is made by the Norwegian ME Association (Rogaland County) with professional support from psychologist Ketil Jakobsen and paediatric neurologist Kristian Sommerfelt.

‘Fatigue is not the same as ME’

‘PEM is a long term worsening of symptoms that can be triggered by a relatively small exertion’

‘It is a common belief that everyone benefits from activity and effort, but this is not necessarily the case for patients with ME.’

‘The most important thing is to genuinely listen and believe what the patient is saying.’

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